How to buy

How to buy at the ALN's shop?

Before acting on ALN's site take the time to read through the terms of sale.
At the links on the top of the page you can read about us and about our products. You will also find contact information.
On the home page is at the top right a language selector in the form of flags. You can switch between English and Swedish.
Below the flags is a search box where you can search for pictures in the archive. search with horse or person's name.
In order to quickly get information about images such as date and place hower the mouse pointer over the image. Clicking on the preview image brings up a larger image with text information.
Once you find the images you want, either click the arrow below the preview image or click on the cart in the larger information picture to add images to your lightbox to which you will continue by clicking on "Continue" under "Your Cart".
On the light table is your image selection and to the right you can choose the products you wish to order.
If you choose, for example, the winning painting we put up a sketch of a winning painting to which you can drag your images. Have you picked out your pictures and placed on the sketch, you do not have to complete the textfields the course, horse's name and date. Of course you can order a painting or other product without selecting pictures yourself. Then simply fill in the information of course, horse and date. The only thing that can not be ordered without selecting the images are digital files because you can download selected images directly on completion of payment.
When you place your images or enter information, select the number and clicking "add to cart". If you want to order more products from the images you can select it or to add new images, there is a link under the light table for it.
After selecting your products go to the checkout and complete the shipping information. Click on "Continue" and you will get a summary of your order where even shipping is applied. Click on "Order" and you will be redirected to a secure card payment page which is handled by DIBS. There you fill in your card details for payment. Note that ALN will not take part of this information. After completing the payment you will return to ALN's site. You will receive a receipt by email, save this as it contains the order number that you use in communications with us.



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